Customize Bootstrap 3 carousel

January 5, 2017

Bootstrap Carousel is one of Bootstrap’s features which is commonly seen at the front page of a website. It is very useful to allow viewers to see your featured products, services or even the thoughts about your websites. Unfortunately, it is not easy to modify the carousel especially for new designers. To help them to […]

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Solutions for login problem in wordpress website

January 4, 2017

It is very alarming if you are unable to login to your own wordpress site. You might have forgotten your password or somebody might have done. As a web developer, this incident happened to me many times. That’s why, I made several research about this and added on this website, perhaps, this might happen to […]

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Random posts, Related posts and Recent posts in WordPress without using a plugin

There are many ways we display our posts on wordpress. It could be random, recent, or related posts . Adding of these features increases the possibility of the users to visit the website for a longer period of time. On this page, I will show you how to display your posts without using a plugin.

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