About me

Hello there, my name is Samuel. I am the person behind this website. I am a full stack web developer who is passionate in learning new things.

As a Web Developer

I’ve been interested in doing a lot of stuffs on the internet. I like studying and enhancing myself with the latest technologies available. The primary language I really like to learn with is PHP. And with that, I became interested in frameworks like Codeigniter and Laravel. I also learned WordPress, Bootstrap, jQuery, JavaScript, MySQL and course, Linux Ubuntu for server administration.

My Sports

Aside from programming, I am also a sport-minded person. I like playing badminton, chess and basketball. When we meet in person, please invite me to play sometime. lol

As a Musician

Well, music has caught my heart since I was in highschool. I love playing piano, guitar and bass. During my free time (outside work), I spend time in playing of those instruments.

Support Me

I am giving everyone a free access to all the site’s contents. So, if you feel like I’ve helped you through the tutorials I’ve posted on this site, don’t hesitate to buy me a burger to inspire me even more. lol.

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See you later,